Here is a presentation of the personal collection of Philippe Rousseau on helmets "heavy feet" marketed by the professional branch of LA SPIROTCHNIQUE until its closure in 1976. There are 3 models, very rare and valuable.

A big thank you to Philip for us to share his treasures



with 12 bolts

180 units produced


Heavy helmet LA SPIROTECHNIQUE with 12 bolts manufactured in Spain, BARCELONA.In the same small manufacturer who realized a similar type of helmets for the Spanish brand NEMROD.

You can reads in the manufacturer label : "LA SPIROTECHNIQUE ESPANA".



This is the first deep dive professional headphones saturation "E.I.P. 5 "(for" Integrated diving equipment "Model 5, or 5th generation). Previous models were only prototypes made single copies and not commercialized. The EIP 5 was marketed. It was an incredible "gas factory" composed of hundreds of spare parts, incorporating regulator and overflow VZ for saturation dives to the portion of 200 to 250 meters.

He had a design flaw: no valve to avoid a "squeeze" on the inside of the helmet. Two fatal accidents occurred and has been discontinued.

The engineer of the SPIRO who was the designer was Serge VEZ.

The left one is the prototype of the EIP 5 Philippe Rousseau is being restored. The right one is the production model, marketed later.



When production of the EIP 5 was stopped, THE SPIROTECHNIQUE was still a few orders for professional headsets with gas recovery system backpressure. So engineers have found a simpler solution: buy American helmets KIRBY-MORGAN and turn them into equipping the overflow SPIROTECHNIQUE "VZ". They named this model the EIP 6 and there were only 3 or 4 copies made.

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